For any organization large or small,  a mission and vision statement is THE most important policy statement. Although COVID-19 has put every entrepreneurial venture  in a challenging situation, those organizations  that see this challenge as an opportunity to resonate with the change , improvise and align with the new world order that is evolving shall most definitely flourish. The vice versa can also be said of the organizations that fail to embrace the change and adapt.

From the Spiritual perspective it must be understood that the most important person in the organisation is the employee that sweats it out, the employee who is at the lower most level is as important as the top guy if not more. Most of the organisations that have survived for decades know this as the MANTRA for success and sustainability. It is my belief that god manifests to fulfill and support the desires of an individual, but the individual fails to respect this basic truth about the mystical ways of god. 

I know of an Indian organisation whose chairman once said he will cripple his employees so that they will never be able to rebel. The destiny of that organisation was to be a rising star but it choose a wrong trajectory and is now in doldrums. As soon as a CEO or Chairman of an organisation looses humility and gratefulness towards it employees, the down fall starts. The Chairman of the organisation can be nothing but the most humble person in the organisation. The success of the organisation is directly linked to its owners humility and how he drives it down the organisation, so that each employee is reflects the same when dealing with its vendors and clients. Experience, competence, hard work and discipline should be valued, racism, religious, regional biases and nepotism should be nipped in the bud. The employee is a natural reflection of the employer. 

VISION is the destination that defines where the leaders in the organisations wish to take it and the MISSION is how the organization will conduct itself whilst on the journey. Both the vision and the mission statements establish the culture of the organization.

Once the VISION and MISSION are established and accepted by the owners and senior management, it has to be energized by enthusing the energy of each and every employee of the organization. It is the responsibility of the line mangers to cascade this down to every person under their super-vision.

In this environment , if any organisation has to survive and flourish the focus has to be firmly on the welfare of its employees as their family. It is therefore very important for the key stake holders to hand-pick senior managers of not just good technical knowledge, but more importantly ensure individuals  that lead their organisation have the goodwill of the workforce and are seen as individuals of sound experience and repute. Commercial success is an outcome of practicing human values. 

The way I see it is, successful CEO’s (Chief Executive Officer) are by their authentic nature people of  extra-ordinary commitment (EOC) and are visionaries in their own right. A vision being something that one see’s for the people of the organisation as opposed to a dream which one one sees for himself/herself.

Organizations first have to become employee centric and then customer centric. Appreciate that any business is a human enterprise. Employees are the hand and the legs of the business body and the management provides the knowledge and the action plan, both are equally important. No point having a headless organization or an organization with weak limbs that cannot meet the lofty goals set by the management, both will fail to respond in sync. Top brass of an organisation should see their organization like their own body and keep the hands and the limbs strong, healthy, ensure they do not have a sense of insecurity and mistrust towards the management.

Individuals of extra ordinary commitment are extremely rare to find and they can literally move and shake the entire eco-system and energize the organization to face and overcome any challenge.

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