Business is a human enterprise. Ever wondered why businesses are called organizations?

Every business is like a human being and there are seven key functions that any living organisms needs to execute to survive and flourish

  • Decision Making
  • Influencing
  • Relationship Management
  • Energizing
  • Idea Creation
  • Information Gathering
  • Implementing

These are the natural abilities that are found in human being as part of their genetic constitution.

Can you imagine an individual who is NATURALLY  fluent in relationship management, being put into a position of information gathering, he will not only suffocate but also add negative value to the organizations growth as his performance will be far below average even in a normal environment let alone a challenging environment like we are facing now. The COVID 19 pandemic is an situation where every individual has to rise above their best and strive for Human Excellence.

From an economics point of view, pure engineering or business skills are no longer delivering outstanding value in generation of new products and solutions. In fact, an integration of the humane touch, design, aesthetics, and simplicity has become as important to business as its cutting-edge technology. The answer is looking at human resource from the perspective of their INTEREST and PASSION i.e what they care to do rather than what they are skilled to do. More so in an environment where work locations have been decentralized, fragmented, and are working from separate and sometime remote locations.

What if individuals could access and understand their natural ability and hone them to chart their own growth? Today educational qualification alone does not guarantee and is not an criteria for evaluating that an individual may fit the role for a position. Modern Science has evolved and can now be used to help individuals and organizations better position their employees for better results by leveraging their natural ability and skills.

Research has indicated that the most important role in an organization is that of a relationship manager.

So, the two, million-dollar questions are

  • For any individual working in a corporate environment would it not be nice to know what their natural ability is?
  • Would it not be prudent for business managers to understand how to reorganize their work force in order to better meet the challenge of the new world?

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