1 On 1 Session (Online)

I would strongly recommend reading my books – Becoming Resimmune (Initiation Program and One Point Contact (Intermediate Program) or at least read most of my blogs to give you the ideology of the Program   before opting for the 1 on 1 consultation.

These books capture the essence of the program that you wish to embark upon. Before we begin the process, I would like for you to appreciate, that learning is a two-way process. As much as I am keen to share the knowledge with you, it would be for you to ensure that you are mentally ready to re-program your self to see the new reality as an opportunity for you to elevate your consciousness.

Everything is mere information until such time that it is understood and practiced which results in an experience, your personal experience. Experience (anu-bhav) is the only way to unravel the mystery of this universe.

 Let’s say for ease of understanding that together we will re-design your interior for and create your future. As you would agree, to renovate the house, everything that is old and not matching your vision has to be removed and released.

 All I can guarantee is that  if you understand and  practice with awareness the codes and the principles that I have laid down, then you will surely transform and when the transformation is full complete you will step into your new personal reality. What and When will depend on your realistic vision, commitment, dedication, earnestness, authenticity and trust in your own ability to meet up to your higher self. and embrace the unknown.

 The 1 on 1 consultation will be a handshake between us to move ahead with the Project of creating you own personal reality.

Consultation Charges ( 50 min session ):

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Rs. 1,500/- Plus Taxes | Saturday – Rs. 2,500 /- Plus Taxes

 Kindly submit form the details to book an appointment.


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